Quad-Specific Rules

  • Max. 4 players authorized on TC over the course of a wipe
  • Max. 4 players in a group, no swapping out members
  • Max. 4 players basing together (brief trades exempt)
  • Max. 4 players raiding/roaming together
  • Neutrality is permitted, alliances are not
  • No giving away bases or loot
  • If in doubt, contact the admin

If a member of your group quits the game or server, you can swap him for a new member, but you have to remove him and his sleeping bag from your base and you have to inform the admin.

You cannot give away loot to other players, even if you quit the server. This is to avoid teaming. But we won’t kick or ban you for giving a normal gun and some components and tools to a poor late starter naked guy you see on the road

Remember, this is a registered server and bans get shared with other rust servers. So, don’t try to bend the rules.